Guest Visitings

2016.11.11 Intelligent Electronics Institute visited
2016.11.07 CNEX visits iCeiRA
2016.10.31 Moscow University professor Marat Z. Dosaev visits iCeiRA
2016.08.12 Intelligent Robotics in Automation Research Results/Industry-University Cooperation Opportunities Business Day
2016.05.31 B&R Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Automation and Industry 4.0
2016.04.01 Visiting of Israel Youth Exchange Authority
2016.01.15 B & R Industrial Automation visits iCeiRA
2016.01.14 Airbus Group visits iCeiRA
2015.12.15 MOST visits iCeiRA
2015.10.19 MOST and NAO visit iCeiRA
2015.09.09 Nidec Corporation visits iCeiRA
2015.09.07 Shihlin Electric and Engineering Corporation visits iCeiRA
2015.09.07 Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd visits iCeiRA
2015.09.03 Foxconn Tech Corp. visits iCeiRA
2015.08.04 Pegatron Corporation visits iCeiRA
2015.04.17 Nidec Corp., President of Nidec Taiwan and Manager of Walsin Lihwa Corp. visit iCeiRA
2015.04.09 University of Waterloo,Prof. Dana Kulić visits iCeiRA
2015.03.09 Unique Broadcasting visits iCeiRA
2015.02.04 B&R visits iCeiRA
2015.01.19 Businesstoday have a special interview to iCeiRA
2014.12.19 STD/France pay a visit to iCeiRA
2014.12.18 IBM-Research pay a visit to iCeiRA
2014.10.28 The director of GPM CO., LTD.visits iCeiRA
2014.10.27 Chung Yuan Christian University visits iCeiRA
2014.10.24 Vice General Manager and Manager of HTC visit iCeiRA center
2014.10.22 Tokyo IBM Director Morimoto pays a visit to iCeiRA
2014.10.21 ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih pay a visit to iCeiRA center
2014.10.13 The Members of TECO company pay a visit iCeiRA
2014.10.13 Prof. Dosaev and Prof. Samsonov of Moscow State University visit
2014.09.24 The members of The Control Yuan Republic of Taiwan visit iCeiRA
2014.09.22 Rising Sun International Real Estate Investment Consulting LLC pays a visit to iCeiRA
2014.09.10 The Chairman of Fair Friend Ent. Group and IKEGAI visits iCeiRA
2014.09.09 Prof. Santosh Devasia from University of Washington visits iCeiRA
2014.09.07 Shenyang SIASUN Co. Ltd. visits iCeiRA
2014.08.22 The chairman from Foxlink Corporation pays a visit to iCeiRA
2014.08.18 The chairman of TECO and Machinery Co. Ltd visits iCeiRA
2014.08.18 Prof. Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley visits iCeiRA
2014.06.30 Industrial Technology Research and Development Bureau visit
2014.06.16 Prof. Sidrobe of CNRS visits iCeiRA
2014.06.12 The Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei visits iCeiRA
2014.06.10 LinHua Lin, General Manager of Epson Ltd. Co., visits iCeiRA
2014.06.05 CNRS visits iCeiRA Lab
2014.05.06 The Trade Council of Denmark at Taipei pays a visit to iCeiRA Lab
2014.04.23 Tmsuk Formosa visits iCeiRA Lab
2014.04.22 Lomonosov Moscow State University visits iCeiRA
2014.04.21 INRIA(French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) visits iCeiRA
2014.04.18 Parkins Plastic Machinery and National Chung Cheng University Innovation Incubation Center visit
2014.03.20 Chung Yuan Christian University visits iCeiRA
2014.03.12 Philippines Dr. Yanga’s Colleges visit iCeiRA
2014.02.24 Institute for Information Industry visits iCeiRA
2014.02.14 National Taiwan University Academic Affairs visit iCeiRA
2014.02.13 iCeiRA visits JOHNSON
2014.01.16 Qisda visits iCeiRA
2013.12.30 Computing Information Service Center visits iCeiRA
2013.12.23 State of Louisiana, Taipei Office
2013.12.17 Xiamen University visit iCeiRA
2013.12.13 reporter of Reuters
2013.12.10 Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd and Intellectual and Automation Industry Promotion Office
2013.12.06 Pro. Jing Chuan, Wang visits iCeiRA
2013.12.05 National Instruments Corporation and K-Kingdom Co., Ltd.
2013.12.04 Russia scholars of Tomsk State University
2013.10.11 Taiwan Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office
2013.10.03 Anemone Ventures and Servotornix
2013.09.30 The visiting of Former Prime Minister
2013.09.02 Macau Science and Technology Innovation Education Association
2013.08.23 Visiting of Institute for information industry
2013.08.07 YongLin Healthcare Foundation
2013.06.04 Nam-Liong Group
2013.05.23 PMC and Other Company visit
2013.05.03 Dr. John Jizhong Xia visits iceira
2013.04.30 Hiwin Cop.
2013.04.25 Auspicious Electrical Engineering Company
2013.04.19 iCeiRA
2013.04.15 Professor Irina G. GORYACHEVA visit iCeiRA
2013.03.29 Professor of Gifu University Mr.Haruhisa Kawasaki and Mr.Tetsuya Mouri visit iCeiRA
2013.03.12 Director of DG CONNECT Unit A2: Robotics Mr. Král visit iCeiRA
2013.03.10 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge visit iCeiRA
2013.02.06 Taipei Robot Pavilion
2013.02.02 Visiting Tour to TECO, MIRLE, GIGABYTE
2012.11.28 Dr. Professor Tzyh-Jong TARN visit iCeiRA
2012.11.19 Dr. Ma of Foxconn Visit iCeiRA
2012.09.05 CNRS
2012.08.28 Dr.Christian Laugier of INRIA visit iCeiRA
2012.07.08 Japanese Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro
2011.04.21 Li-Kung Hsieh, the Director-General of National Immigration Agency, and his colleagues visit iCeiRA
2009.10.19 Foreign Guest Visiting