Future Development

Taiwan is facing rapid population aging, facing the aging society and declining birthrate phenomenon coming, the Executive Yuan Science and Technology Advisory Group has become the inter-ministerial steering group to actively promote the intelligent robot industry. At the same time to promote the rapid development of Taiwan's intelligent robot industry, the Government has already provide tax incentives, research grants, low interest loans, training and other multiple incentives to help (the emerging key industries) to encourage development and attract foreign investment come to Taiwan to conduct investment. Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, "Intelligent Robotics Industry Development Plan" (based on SRB meeting): The main domestic manufacturers to promote products or key components into intelligent robot development, and integration of legal entities and academia, according to the unit energy technology to jointly assist domestic industry technology and product development.



International Exchanges and Cooperation

Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA), University Pierre and Marie CURIE (UPMC) Center for the establishment of cross-cutting-edge research will be able to draw on their excellent academic standards and close cooperation with industry the results of research and technology industry experience is transferred to China to promote the SRB through intelligent automation and robotics research and industrial development are most in need of assistance. Accelerating and enhancing our wisdom to take in the academic field of robotics and automation international status, but would like to take on China's leading robotics research and communication, so students will have the opportunity to direct with the French National Research Center LAAS-CNRS experimental room and research scholar exchanges, research and practice of nurturing outstanding talent to help develop an international perspective and experience great benefits. The establishment of multinational research center will play Taiwan University resources to the center as the core platform for integration of the domestic legal subjects related professionals such as universities and the institute (ITRI), Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (PMC) and the Metal Industries Development Centre (MIRDC) of energy, combined with the current over more than 30 intelligent robotics and automation industry research and development company formed a strategic alliance can play a given explosive synergy, significantly enhance the level of research and to assist the industry to upgrade and enhance international competitiveness.