Industry Development and Applications

Small Robot Surgeon Designed to Work Inside Astronauts' Bodies

Tiny medical robots capable of operating inside an astronaut's body could someday provide emergency surgery in space without the mess. A fist-sized robot is scheduled for its first zero-gravity test in the next several months—one small step toward enabling robotic medical attention for humans stuck on deep-space missions lasting for months.

Seegrid adds vision-guided lifting and stacking to product line

Seegrid Corporation, a Pittsburgh-based start-up, has been providing driverless tugs for moving materials from point a to point b. Up until now they have just delivered the skids of material and then a human-operated forklift would lift the skids and place them on the racks.

Amazon's Robotic Order Fulfillment

When Amazon announced their Amazon Prime Air service on the eve of Cyber Monday many people sat up and took notice. But the presentation was essentially showing the public what many had already known - Amazon is entering the field of advanced robotics.

KUKA robot goes up against table tennis champion Timo Boll

KUKA just published the well-advertised video of the table tennis match of top athlete Timo Boll and one of its fastest robots, the KUKA KR AGILUS. Don’t forget that even if the actual movements performed by the robot are real, the match is a directed and scripted advertisement with multiple takes (as you can see in the making of video below). It’s a very impressive presentation of the agility and speed of AGILUS, but it’s not an actual match. KUKA is celebrating with a very popular sport in China to mark the occasion of its new plant in Shanghai.

Ekso Bionics - An exoskeleton bionic suit or a wearable robot that helps people walk again

Since 2005, Ekso Bionics™ has been pioneering the field of robotic exoskeletons to augment human strength, endurance and mobility.

Unbounded Robotics introduces UBR-1

Unbounded Robotics is the latest spin-off firm of Willow Garage, and its creation is the UBR-1, a sort of smaller, cheaper, one-armed relative of Willow Garage's famed PR2. In the comparison, UBR-1 offers a far more sophisticated platform than the PR2, however, which was originally designed more than five years ago. At a list price of $35,000, UBR-1 is also approximately one-tenth the cost of the PR2.

Jaco: Robot Arms That Improve Lives

Kinova is a Canadian company engaged into the design and manufacture of innovative solutions in the field of personal robotics. The team of experts at Kinova is dedicated to offer practical robotic platforms solving real and concrete problematic of daily life, especially in rehabilitation.