Unbounded Robotics introduces UBR-1

Unbounded Robotics is the latest spin-off firm of Willow Garage, and its creation is the UBR-1, a sort of smaller, cheaper, one-armed relative of Willow Garage's famed PR2. In the comparison, UBR-1 offers a far more sophisticated platform than the PR2, however, which was originally designed more than five years ago. At a list price of $35,000, UBR-1 is also approximately one-tenth the cost of the PR2.

UBR-1 is a state-of-the-art ROS-based mobile manipulation platform designed for robotics researchers and businesses. The team has done extensive software integration to improve the user experience; MoveIt! being the highlight of that integration. On the hardware front, UBR-1 requires no calibration at start-up, has a workspace large enough for the robot to reach the ground as well as countertops, and was designed with extensibility in mind so that users can easily develop custom applications.

It's got a telescoping spine that allows the UBR-1 to rise up to 52 inches tall, weighs 150 lbs and its arm has seven degrees of freedom. A PrimeSense sensor bar in its head gathers the information needed for its arm to function, while a secondary scanner mounted in the base helps map the robots' location and find its way around obstacles. UBR-1's arm can lift up to 1.5kg, and while it comes with a two-pronged gripper standard, the arm is a modular design, so customers are free to design and build their own robot hands to suit their needs.

Unbounded Robotics http://unboundedrobotics.com/

Video: Introducing UBR-1 http://vimeo.com/77105142