Director's Foreword

In the third year of National Taiwan University – International Center of Excellence in Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research (NTU-iCeiRA), we attach great importance to the trends and market opportunities of international robotics and automation, and continuously provide the latest information on our web site. Since last December the start of the center's official website ( ), it had reached nearly 50,000 visits. This year, the center established the IEEE IRHOCS (IEEE International Robot Hands on Competition and Symposium) website ( to support the international intelligent robotics competition and open online registration on June 1.

Since the founding of iCeiRA, we actively organized various seminars and industry-academia matchmakings, hoping to contribute our force to provide a platform for industry-academia interaction, so that the industry would aware of the academia innovative technology, and successfully industrialize the related technology of intelligent robotics and automation. The center regards the promotion of industry, government and academia integration as center’s mission, making the world see Taiwan shine again in the field of intelligent robotics and automation.

The center will also participate in the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show held in the Taipei Would Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall in July 31-August 3 this year to display at least eight intelligent robots, including a dual arm arms robot, an automated and multi-functional mobile robot, a minimally invasive surgical robot, a human-computer interaction robot and etc. Meanwhile, the students in the center will also participate in the 2014 Robot Competition ( held by PMC. We warmly invite the industry, government and academia to join this festivity to enhance the international competitiveness of our country. 


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