NTU Advanced Control Laboratory(ACL)

Research groups: Flight navigation, Virtual reality, Maglev, Nano control, Intelligent robots, Visual tracking, Control system theory, Rehabilitation robotics

NTU Robotics Laboratory

Research groups: Intelligent robot system, Manufacturing automation, Biomedical engineering, Visual-servoing and micro/nano manipulation

NTU Precision System Control Lab(PSCL)

Research area: Massively parallel e-beam lithography system, 3D nano-machining, Smart solar tracking and concentrating device, Bio-mimicking robots: insect like and snake robot

NTUST Medical Robotic Laboratory(MRL)

Research area: Medical instruments and assistive systems, Wireless sensor networks (WSN), Controllable Petri-Net based implementation approach for motor control systems, Biped humanoid robots, Wheeled mobile robots

TKU Intelligent Control Laboratory (I. C. Lab)

Research area: Automation systems, Intelligent control, Intelligent robots and SoPC embedded system