2013.05.23 PMC and Other Company visit

PMC and Other Company visit 1. KINGROUP AUTOMATION INDUSTRY CORPORATION - CHING-HUA TSAI Chairman 2. Leaderway Cnc Technologies Company - YANG-SHENG FAN General Manager 3. Toptek Automation Company - CHAO-HUNG LIN General Manager and MAN-YU HSIEH Manager 4. Fair Friend Enterprise Group - TSUNG-LUN LI Engineer 5. Delta Company - CHAO-AN PAO Manager 6. Aurotek Technologies Company - TE-HSING CHEN Manager and TZU-HSIUNG WU Manager 7. Syntec Technology Company - HUNG-NUNG YANG Officer and CHU-LOU YEN Engineer 8. Topmost Technology Company - KUO-CHAN HU Chief and HAO-CHENG LO Engineer 9. Quanta Storage Technology Company - SHIH-CHUNG HUANG Director SSU-HUNG WANG Officer 10.Compal Communications Incorporated Ccompany - CHI-CHIANG HUANG Manger and YEN-HUNG LAI Assistant Manger 11. Adlink technology Incorporated company - TSAN-MING YU Manger and CHIA-WEI YANG Manger 12. GNDC company - KUANG-YI CHANG Vice General Manager 13. Sanwa Engineer Corporated Company - LI-PING CHANG General Manager