2013.06.04 Nam-Liong Group

Nam Liong Group was established in 1972. It was a small and medium sized enterprise (SMEs) with a capital of NTD 1 million. However, through sincerity, practicality, hard work and the spirit of cooperation of its employees, Nam Liong Group has grown to a global company affiliating with many firms operating in countries around the world. Since the beginning of the establishment, Nam Liong Group had laid a strong basis for sustainable development in the textile industry in response to future competition and market trend. Nam Liong Group has continuously integrated upstream and downstream related industries for a completed vertical supply chain system with a dedicated mindset to satisfy the global textile demand, accommodate different customer requests, and develop variety of high quality products, Meanwhile, from the overall business management and strategy point of view, Nam Liong Group has been actively exploring other markets besides textile. It has invested in consumer electronic accessories, RFID supplies, automotive interior accessories, and health technology and medical supplies, further dividing overall existing products of Nam Liong Group into six main categories. In recent years, Nam Liong Group has aggressively developing the green and biotechnology products that allow the Group to have a wider range of products for offering to its customers and strengthening a board business base.