2014.03.20 Chung Yuan Christian University visits iCeiRA

In March 20, 2014, Chung Yuan Christian University and NTU-iCeiRA signed MOU, which will promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges between two universities. This time, K.C. Chang, the President of Chung Yuan Christian University, led Yuan Professor Kang, the Director of Center for Continuing Education, Professor Meng-Hui Li, the Dean of College of Engineering, Yung Ting, the Chairperson of Mechanical Engineering Department, Assistant Professor Yu-Cheng Chou, Assistant Professor Po-Ting Lin, Associate Professor Yi-Hung Liu, Professor Yuh-Show Tsai, the Chairperson of Biomedical Engineering Department, Associate Professor Wei-Chih Hu, Professor Cheng-Yuan Chang, the Chairperson of Electrical Engineering Department, Chair Professor Tsu-Tian Lee, Associate Professor Chian-Song Chiu, Professor Hsiao-Rong Tyan, the Chairperson of Information Engineering Department, Associate Professor of Hsiao-Rong Tyan, and Information Management Department Associate Professor Chih-Li Hung to visit.