Main Purpose

2015 Seventh IEEE IRHOCS International Robot Hands-on Competition will be held grandly in Taipei. One of unique thing that IEEE IRHOCS is trying to do is emphasizing on one key point - Human and Robot Interaction. Which means in the future, Robot will co-exist with us in everyday life and assisting us to make our life better and more enjoyable. With combination of domestic and international Robotic teams joining in the competition, the participants can observe and learn from each other and from different countries as well. We will continually working on inviting more countries to join in the competition and helping all participating teams to connect to the world.

IEEE IRHOCS (International Robot Hands on Competition & Symposium) is held to encourage the domestic exchange of relative experience and the development of technology at the beginning. The competition also stimulates the creativity of both teachers and students, cultivating future elites of robotics industry. Through International Symposium on robot hands on, we invite international experts and scholars from industry and academia to share with each other. And through competition, students learn to implement robot platforms. The whole activity not only promotes the research and development abilities of students but also reaches the goal of active learning and edutainment. As a result, the domestic research on intelligent robotics can strongly connect to international research.

IEEE IRHOCS expands the application of educational and service robotics and cultivates talents for robotic industry through international exchanges of education experiences of robotics and technologies. Therefore, it becomes the most professional, high-skilled robotics hands on competition all over the nation. Also, by inviting international teams to participate, so far IRHOCS has Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore and other countries to join the competition. The international rules are adopted, and more international strong teams are invited, to enhance the level of domestic research of robotics and talents cultivation to international level.