A keynote speech by Professor Yeh on March 18


Based on the mission of iCeiRA to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, this spring, the Center Director particularly invited Prof. Su-ling Yeh, the Distinguished Professor and the Director of the Department of Psychology, to give the lab members a talk on human unconscious mental processing.

Prof.Yeh is a very remarkable scholar in the field of cognitive psychology. She has been awarded twice the Outstanding Research Award from National Science Council, and Outstanding Teacher and Excellent Teaching awards both twice from National Taiwan University. During her talk, besides elaborating on human perception system and introducing the interactions between physical perception and mental processing, she also described the complexity of human perception through demonstrating some visual and acoustic phenomenon. Most of the students gave an active feedback to the very brilliant talk and showed their interests in it. After the talk, the Center Director, Prof. Ren C. Luo, also pointed out the possibility and trends towards the cooperation between robotics research and human cognitive psychology for studies on human-robot interaction.

Prof. Su-ling Yeh bring everyone together to do a psychological test

Professor Luo, director of the iCeiRA, for the study of Human-Machine Interaction stated the cooperation trends and possibilities in the future robotic studies and human cognitive psychology.

Prof. Su-ling Yeh and doctoral students’ lively discussion of cognitive psychology and Human-Machine Interaction

Professor Ye pictured with Professor Luo and participants