Team of professor Ren C. Luo won the championship of competition of robotic products with intelligence

In the 2012 national robotic competition held by the ministry of education and the ministry of economic affairs, professor Ren C. Luo, along with students Wei-Lung Hsu, Kai-Jie Huang, Ming Hsiao, Yun-Hsuan Tsai, Peng-Si Chang(phd and master students), Jhen Lin and Yan-Rong Lee(special project students) have won the championship of competition of robotic products with intelligence and creativity with the robot “Multi-functional panda-like companion robot RCMO”. 

The competition of robotic products with intelligence is acute this year, with a total prize money over one million NT dollars. In order to encourage combining innovation and industrial application, the organizer extended the limitation to let all students in universities and colleges qualified to join the competition. There’s 121 teams signed up for the competition.

The winning robot “Multi-functional panda-like companion robot RCMO” designed by the NTUEE department, is designed for the upcoming aging society with fewer children in Taiwan. The major aim is to design a robot that can be a companion with the elderly and children, with customized computer vision system and speech detection system. RCMO can interact properly with the elderly and children. In addition, RCMO are able to carry out remote monitoring, enabling people to know the situation in home anytime, anywhere.

“Multi-functional panda-like companion robot RCMO” has a good look and lots of functions. Winning the champion of the most important competition in Taiwan has shown good quality of research and teaching in NTU. We would like to share the honor of winning with all teachers and students in NTU.