The Successful Achievement of NTU Intelligent Robot

With the advances in technology , as well as the low birth rate and the aging trends, the demand of robot is ever increasing. Intelligent Robotics and automation are highly interdisciplinary learning, and the integration of the mechanical , electrical electronic , information communication and automation of the academic theories and the applications of technology. This topic is high industrial relevant, a locomotive industry , having widespread applications, and making the improvement of the wisdom life and the quality of life.

National Taiwan University ,which should be the leading university among Taiwan in the field of intelligent robotics research scale and achievements, must play an active role to enhance as well as to promote the field of Intelligent Robotics and also to keep academic excellence and technological innovation, moreover, to carry on both the practical application of academic pilot of the international intelligent robotics and the developing of the automation industries.

For this reason, National Taiwan University International Center of Excellence in Inrelligent Robotics and Automation Research (NTU-iCeiRA) integrates some full-time professors across five related departments, and asks National Science Council for granting the project of establishing International Research-Intensive Centers of Excellence in Taiwan, particularly focusing on cognitive intelligence robots and automation fields.

Prof. Ren C. Luo, the director of NTU-iCeiRA and the professor of electrical engineering department, said that the main direction of the center is the key technologies of the cognitive robotics and the intelligent automation. Futhermore, the center researches for the spindle to integrate the manufacturing automation of intelligent robotics, medical as well as health care robotics,and intelligent service robots.

Prof. Ren C. Luo stressed that the robotics and automation industry can stimulate the development of intelligentization of other industries, and make an important indicator of the competitiveness of national development. At this time, If we can devote more resources to strengthen the forward key technology research and development, optimize the development of environment, strengthen the technical personnel training, lay the elements of industrial development, including the promotion of industrial demonstration platform and system integration application standards, accelerate the development of robotics forward and integration of application technology, we will have the opportunity in 2020 to become the world design and manufacture of intelligent robotic products and application services center, and promote intelligent robots and automation industry to become a locomotive industry, while driving the development of related industries and creating high added value.

When NTU-iCeiRA was established less than a year, has reached a number of short-term tasks, including: through the government programs of industrial cooperation and the cooperative with French research organizations, developing a fastest operating speed robot arm with parallel-DOF; introduction of the world first-class research institutions and robotics development platform PR2;the championship of 2012 National Innovation Competition of intelligent robotic products - industrial applications of service robot, which are excellent achievements. It is believed that with joint efforts of teachers and students in the center will be a pioneer in Taiwan robotic kingdom and have a place in the world robotics research as well as development industry in the future.