President went to attending the Opening Ceremony of 2013 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition and Robot Exhibition

President.Ma went to the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall for attending the Opening Ceremony of 2013 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition and Robot Exhibition this morning. In addition to approving the Industrial Long-term contribution of Jhuo Yongcai who is the chairman of the Taiwan Association of wisdom Automation and Robotics,President Ma also proclaim the industrial development of government support.

President.Ma said that the activity combines the physical distribution and the mold equipment.It attracted about 500 companies and more than 1200 booths to participate in exhibition.During the exhibition there are robot competition,industry forum, supply and demand matching conference.And the organizer invited Chinese,Japanese,Korean,and Danish industry to come and estimated that there are more than 50000 people visiting.President.Ma also wanted to upgrade the development of Industrial Automation and Robot industry further by hosting the exhibition.

President.Ma pointed out that the U.S.A. made the abroad funds go back by promoting Re-industrialization.In view of this,the form of Taiwan economy development had to transform from Efficiency-driven to Innovation-driven,and hoping that the country industry will be the irreplaceable role of the global industry supply chain.By the way the industry of Industrial Automation and Robot have assisted the country industry innovating by supplying abundant resources,at the same time also slowed down the trend of low fertility and reduced the unwilling to participate in dirty,dangerous,and hard industry.

President.Ma also mention that facing the European debt crisis,the Executive Yuan have proposed manufacturing servitization,service industry technological and internationalization,industry featurelization.Meanwhile the government approved the Intelligent automation industry to promote the development program,and coorperated with the NTU professor Dr.Luo,Ren Chen,developed Industrial Automation and Robot industry with NTU-iCeiRA.The output value of this industry attained NT $ 9720 hundred million and the export value attained about NT $ 4218 hundred million.It was 43.4% of the total.President.Ma believed that the output value is expected to reach NT $ 1 trillion.

Then the chairman Jhuo Yongcai accompanied the President.Ma to visit the equipment like robot arm,LED whack pieces demonstration production line, medical auxiliary frame and visual servo pick and place system.President.Ma also interacted with the doll robot which can measure the frequency of people breath and heartbeat to comprehend the concrete results of developing Industrial Automation and Robot industry actually.

There are many people attending this activity including Minister of Economy Jhang Jiajhu, Presidential Office Deputy Secretary-General Syong Guanghua, chairman of the Taiwan Association of wisdom Automation and Robotics Jhuo Yongcai,the director of NTU-iCeiRA Dr.Luo,Ren Chen, the chairman of Global Logistics Development Association of Taiwan You Wunsiang,the chairman of Taiwan Fluid Power Association You Pingjheng, chairman of the board Chan Chao international corporation Lin Maoting,the vice chairman of Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association Jheng Kunmu, the president of Economic Daily Newspaper office Huang Sujyuan.

News source:Office of the President Republic of China (Taiwan)