Research Achievements

Intelligent 3D Cognitive Semantic Map Exploration and Integration Service Robotic System for Assisted Elder Care Applications

The trend of robotic technology development gradually moves to health-care robots and service robots. This is a new era that robots will walk into our lives. To develop robots that can serve human beings, this research center first devotes to developing health-care robots, aiming at easing the burden of doctors and nurses, promoting the qualities of patients’ lives. At the same time, we aim at preparing for the upcoming ageing society of Taiwan.

Dual Arm Robot

Application of Anthropomorphic Dual Arm Robot: Human Motion Imitation

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In recent years, the development of human robot interaction in service robots has attracted the attention of many researchers. In order to let humanoid robots have similar behavior with human, motion planning is crucial. However, planning human-like motions for robots is very complicated because it needs to handle multiple degrees of freedom (DOFs) simultaneously. Learning by demonstration is an intuitive and efficient way to let a humanoid robot learn a variety of human-like motions. The idea is to generate human-like motions by extracting information directly from human motion via a motion capture system, and it simplifies the process of programming and learning complex motions.

Biped Robot

Online Trajectory Generation for Variant Body Height Biped Walking Robot

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The objective of this project is mainly in generating a biped robot walking pattern towards more closer to mimic human walking. In many research, we found that the ZMP (Zero Moment Point) planning of their walking trajectory has a big difference between that measured from human walking.。

Vision Robot

Human Age-Groups Classification Using Appearance Images

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There are many modern applications require the function of age classification, such as surveillance monitoring, forensic art, and cigarette vending machines. We propose a method to classify human age using appearance images and apply it to the human-robot interactions. After image preprocessing, we use Support Vector Machine (SVM), a machine learning algorithm, to train large database.

Robotic machine tool technology

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In the field of robotics and industry, trajectory planning is always one of the most important issue. Recently, as increasing demand of complicated contour input raises, some works have achieved generating complex trajectory by dividing path into several small linear or circular segments (micro-line) and using spline, such as cubic, quantic, or non-uniform rational B-Splines (NURBS).

Education Entertainment Companion Robot

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of an Autonomous Mobile Robot with Kidnap and Automatic Recovery Capabilities

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This research addresses the problem of the position and orientation (pose) recovery after the robot being kidnapped, based on Laser Range Finder (LRF) sensor.