BIO Robot(II)

With the advance of technology, the robotic arm has the advantages of high precision and is capable to execute continuous motions repetitively, there are many benefits when we use robotic arm to assist therapists to carry out the rehab plans. Except saving human resources we can provide more stable therapeutic quality when executing repetitive and continuous motion. By the control and evaluation system of the robotic arm, we can provide different therapies accord to the doctor’s diagnosis and evaluate patients’ rehab progress from the quantified data.

The goal of this project is to develop and apply a dual arm upper limb rehab robot and evaluation system. For patient with dysfunctional upper limb ,we will build an exoskeleton rehab robot to assistive the rehabilitation , by means of symmetrical mirror motion and Teach and Play mode by the therapist, patient can be assisted to improve the coordination and the balance; Currently single joint measurement and evaluation is commonly used in the upper limb rehabilitation ,this project will construct an innovative evaluation system ,via the feedback of the rehab robot we can acquire the information completely ,such as ROM(Range of Motion),muscle strength ,muscle endurance and motion analysis ,etc. When the rehab arm executes the motion training, it will record the position, the angle of shoulder, elbow, wrist and torque during therapy. From the information we can build a quantitative evaluation norm objectively.