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TAIPEI EXPO PARK's Taipei Robot Pavilion is opening on Feb. 6!


The brand-new Taipei Robot Pavilion will be unveiled on Feb. 6, 2013 in the Xinsheng Park Area of TAIPEI EXPO PARK, with an impressive collection including robots showing the popular “Gangnam Style” dance moves, as well as the “NAO Robot” imported from France by National Taiwan University (NTU), and the violin-playing, basketball-shooting and wrestling robots, not to mention the numerous scale models of Gundam! 

iCeiRA wins four consecutive gold medals on the International Robot Hands-on Competition and Symposium (IRHOCS 2012)


The IRHOCS 2012 is organized by NTU iCeiRA, along with International Automation Research Center and Taiwan Yushan Robotics Association. This year’s contest drew the participation of teams from several colleges all over Mainland China, Singapore, and Indonesia. The difficulty of the contest rises comparing to the previous years’. The robot needs to work with the human player as a team. The mobile platform should be able to pass the ball to the contestant who would shoot and score. In the next stage of the competition, the robot is asked to pick a ball before sliding into the fixed spot for a free throw. Since total automation is mandatory throughout the contest, each team must import the source code for precise actions before the contest begins.

Dr.Tzyh-Jong, Tarn Speech


What the Quantum Control can do for us?

Team of professor Ren C. Luo won the championship of competition of robotic products with intelligence


In the 2012 national robotic competition held by the ministry of education and the ministry of economic affairs, professor Ren C. Luo, along with students Wei-Lung Hsu, Kai-Jie Huang, Ming Hsiao, Yun-Hsuan Tsai, Peng-Si Chang(phd and master students), Jhen Lin and Yan-Rong Lee(special project students) have won the championship of competition of robotic products with intelligence and creativity with the robot “Multi-functional panda-like companion robot RCMO”. 

Developing a Prosperous Future for a Greater Improvement: National Taiwan University Held the Opening Ceremony for NTU-iCeiRA


National Taiwan University (NTU) and three leading French research institutes have teamed up to develop intelligent robots over the next five years, university officials said yesterday.